Learn How Apple iCloud Drive Works and Setup of the iCloud Drive

The Apple iCloud is useful when you have so much to save and so less space. It provides you access to unlimited storage space to store documents, files, images etc in various folders. You can view them anywhere using the iCloud drive. It makes it easier to sync all the documents or files you have saved across all of your Apple devices. On all the devices you have the iCloud drive, make sure to turn it on to view all the saved files.

The inbuilt storage provided by Apple is not completely sufficient to store all the data we have on our device. By using iCloud you will have more storage space as well as you can decide which app of your device will have access to iCloud storage. iCloud customer support number +1-888-326-7644 can be availed when you are not aware of the usage of iCloud drive or have some questions regarding its working.



  • Normally, the iCloud drive will be automatically set up on your Apple device if having latest iOS. It will automatically save all the documents, files saved on your device to the iCloud drive or else you can decide it manually.
  • To manually set up the iCloud drive, follow the given steps:
  • Open settings.
  • Press iCloud.
  • Now swipe right on the iCloud drive option to turn it on.

This will activate the iCloud app and you can view the iCloud drive files in the Files app.

  • If you are using Mac:
  • Open the Apple menu.
  • Click on System Preferences and then select iCloud.
  • Sign in to your account using your Apple ID if asked for and then again select iCloud Drive.

To set up iCloud drive on windows:

  • Click on Start and then click on Apps and Programs.
  • Now open iCloud for Windows.
  • Sign into iCloud using your Apple ID.
  • Choose the iCloud drive and then click on apply.


In the various above mentioned ways, you can easily set up the iCloud drive and enjoy the storage space it offers to you. For all queries related with the iCloud drive will be answered at iCloud technical support number +1-888-326-7644. The users facing any issues with your iCloud drive can make a call on the given number and the certified experts will quickly answer all your questions. It will make your experience with iCloud drive better and flawless.


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